Archive | February, 2015

Carrier Shaft threads finished

A Planetary Gearbox

Pictured below is a gearbox carrier shaft for a hydro electric generator. It was a fabricated using a number of high tech machines which include a VTL and a horizontal boring mill by our talented machinists. After machining, it was sent out for heat treatment and stress relief. This particular piece is now being used to help generate power […]

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ESAB 2-20-15-D

Got Hose?

Yes, we have hose and then some. Below are pictures of the latest scarfing machine in progress. The hose tower is the main connection between the scarfing machine and the control panels. Noted are the intricate hose connections from the tower to the control panels which hook to a separate tower. The machine will be movable from […]

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Our New Saw!

In our efforts to streamline Doty Machine Works and make our customer’s time frame a main concern, we have purchased a new state of the art, high speed band saw. We purchased this through the assistance of our friends at Haun Welding Supplies. Local companies working together to make New York State a stronger manufacturing presence […]

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