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ESAB Hose Tower 10-15

Another Hose Tower in Process

Pictured below are some of the parts that have been manufactured here at Doty Machine Works for our friends at ESAB. This structure is part of a scarfing machine called the hose tower. Quite a piece of manufacturing that will be sent to facilities around the globe. For your machining, fabrication, and assembly requirements, contact […]

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Doty 10-14-15

Rough Casting Machined

This Adjusting Mechanism Housing was bored and faced on Doty’s vertical mill along with the completion of an inside o-ring groove along the bottom. Cross bores, together with the hinges and keyways will be completed on the horizontal mill. This entire piece machined with expert precision by the craftsmen at Doty for this 38″ refiner.  

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Doty lathe 10-9-15

New Equipment Hits the Floor

Pictured below are the two new lathes recently purchase at Doty to better serve our customers. One is the JET GH-1640 ZX geared head precision engine lathe, complete with Newall digital readout, collet closer “chuck”, 4 jaw and 3 jaw chucks, etc. 16” swing x 40 inches between centers. The other is a Summit 20x120B […]

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Today is Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day℠ is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Although Manufacturing Day officially occurs on the first Friday in October—this year is October 2, 2015—any day can be a Manufacturing Day. Today is the day when we come together to show the public what modern manufacturing really looks […]

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