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Ethan 6-16-b

Our Favorite Intern

Pictured below is Ethan our favorite intern learning important bits and pieces of manufacturing. From forklift training to the safe operation of grinding, our man Ethan, hits the ground running. With a smile on his face and a wonderful work ethic we always look forward seeing our favorite student at Miller and Doty.

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Doty new building #5

Addition Nearing Completion

The new building at Doty Machine Works is nearing completion. The cement floor has been poured as of today and we are ever hopeful that within the month our new racking system will be organized to garner a greater level of efficiency for our customers as well as an improved work area for our employees.  

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Doty 12-5-14 (2)

Changes to Doty Inside and Out

Changes are continuing at Doty both inside and outside. Pictured below is a new road going in to access a new building which is going up at this time. Inside, a new office space is being formed with an updated lobby area. This is happening in efforts to make Doty more efficient, organized and appealing. Doty Machine […]

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Doty 11-14-14

Refiner Rebuild At Doty

Pictured below is a Refiner Rebuild for one of our top customers. This particular piece comes to Doty with a number of processes to complete. It has to be broken down and taken apart to check and compare dimensions. The pieces then complete a number of procedures on various Doty machinery such as the vertical boring […]

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