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Doty 12-4-15

Cutter Head

This is a cutter head that we machined on Doty’s VTL. It is approximately three foot in diameter and made from a 4140 steel forging. It will be used in the chipping process in the pulp and paper industry for one of our premier customers. Quality in manufacturing from our experienced machinists.    

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Flanges Reel Spools #1

Spool Hubs Via Doty’s Machining

Pictured here are Flanged Reel Spool Hubs created from 4140 steel round stock. They were turned and bored on our VTL machine, with the teeth completed on our vertical machining center. They then were shipped out for heat treatment, returned and finalized on Doty’s VTL. This final product will be used as fittings at the end of a paper […]

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Doty 7-31-15 #1

From Raw Material to Final Form

Pictured below is a 4,000 pound piece of heated treated 4140 steel with an approximate 28″ diameter and 7″ thickness.     When placed on our VTL’s with our experienced machinists this begins to appear. The final product pictured below has now been reduced to about 1,500 pounds and will be shipped to a satisfied customer for use in […]

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Doty shaft 5-15

Hydraulic Cylinder Machined at Doty’s

Pictured below are Ray and Otis working on the assembly of a hydraulic cylinder. This particular piece is made with 516 grade 70 steel.  It was created using three of Doty’s large pieces of machinery: the large turning lathe, the horizontal mill as well as our large CNC lathe.  The 28 bolts have 1,000 pounds of torque in each bolt. It will eventually be shipped […]

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Doty 5-1-15 #4

Valve Block

Pictured below are the various angles of a expertly machined valve block. This particular piece came in as a block of Grade 70 steel. After 200-300 hours, on 5 different machines, our talented machinists have completed this piece for our customer to be used in a pulp and paper facility.      

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Doty Stator Plate

68″ Stator Backing Plate

Pictured below is a 68″ stainless steel stator plate which was machined for a refiner in the pulp and paper industry. This particular piece was created by our skilled machinist with tolerances of within 1,000th inch. It was completed using Doty’s Vertical Turret Lathe as well as the Horizontal Boring Machine. Doty continues to strive for exceptional quality.

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