Happy Earth Day!

In recognition of Earth Day we respectfully submit this information:

Earth Day is only one day, April 22, but it’s meant to raise year-round awareness of environmental issues. Celebrations occur across the globe to promote recycling, pollution reduction and care for the planet, and the¬†Earth Day Network, an organization dedicated to environmental awareness, has even pledged to plant 7.8 billion trees over the next few years. The day itself may be fleeting, but the impact hopefully works its way into the broader consciousness.

Earth has seen its share of extremes. The human fingerprint presses on the planet, showing up in the form of endangered species, climate change and environmental disasters. But the Earth is also resilient. It’s home to ancient trees, geographical wonders and a whole lot of ocean water.

This quiz runs the environmental gamut, covering topics like recycling rates, the hottest spot on the planet and the very founding of Earth Day. How well you know your endangered animals, temperature records and environmental disasters? Test yourself and find out.

Earth Day quiz: Test your environmental knowledge