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Press Rolls in Progress

Pictures below are the various stages of (3) press rolls which are in process for our friends at GL&V. These rolls have a carbon steel core and a 316 stainless steel outer shell made in four sections. They are approximately 12 feet tall with an O.D. of 20 inches. They’ve been on numerous machines throughout […]

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Doty (Glenn)

Refiner in Process

Pictured below is one of Doty’s seasoned professionals putting the final touches on a rebuilt refiner for our friends at GL&V. The process involves teardown, inspection, machining of parts, reassemble, final inspection, paint and prep for shipping. Just some of the many talents via our craftsman at Doty.

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Doty 10-14-15

Rough Casting Machined

This Adjusting Mechanism Housing was bored and faced on Doty’s vertical mill along with the completion of an inside o-ring groove along the bottom. Cross bores, together with the hinges and keyways will be completed on the horizontal mill. This entire piece machined with expert precision by the craftsmen at Doty for this 38″ refiner.  

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Doty 11-14-14

Refiner Rebuild At Doty

Pictured below is a Refiner Rebuild for one of our top customers. This particular piece comes to Doty with a number of processes to complete. It has to be broken down and taken apart to check and compare dimensions. The pieces then complete a number of procedures on various Doty machinery such as the vertical boring […]

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