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shop 3-13-17 009

Hastelloy Tanks Completed by Miller and Doty

Two hastelloy tanks have just been completed and shipped. The following photos are a bit of a progression of the transformation of bits metal to amazing “made to order” hastelloy tanks. From the waterjet cutting, forming, fabrication and hydro testing at Miller and the machining completed at Doty Machine Works. Two Hastelloy tanks delivered to another […]

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Ductile Cast Iron Machined on the Doosan

Here is Mark, one of our senior machinists, working on our Doosan horizontal boring mill. This is a 55 inch piece of ductile cast iron being machined for our friends at Flomatic. This is the first of it’s kind for Doty Machine Works and will be used on a 24″ control valve. This particular piece is Cast in America, Machined in America […]

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Moving Day

Today was moving day for our Project Managers office that was completed this week. Lots to do with little time to do it but the guys at Doty’s moved their offices all the while juggling their jobs, quotes and customers wants and needs. Looking forward to our Open House next month highlighting the new and improved […]

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Doty Doosan

Our New Doosan Horizontal Mill

This is the latest purchase recently added to the machining arsenal at Doty Machine Works. It is a Doosan Horizontal Boring Mill with a 4 axis CNC component. The working surface of the table is 78 inches, and a spindle taper of 50#. It’s has a max y axis of 98″ with an x axis of 157″. It includes a […]

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Doty 1-22c-16

Right Angle Head

The right angle head was created out of carbon steel and painted in Doty’s paint booth. This is currently being used on our horizontal mills for cutting keyways and various types of internal work. Just another opportunity to use the talents of Doty “in house” to save time and money. For your machining, fabricating, and painting needs […]

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Doty 10-14-15

Rough Casting Machined

This Adjusting Mechanism Housing was bored and faced on Doty’s vertical mill along with the completion of an inside o-ring groove along the bottom. Cross bores, together with the hinges and keyways will be completed on the horizontal mill. This entire piece machined with expert precision by the craftsmen at Doty for this 38″ refiner.  

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Doty Right Head

Right Angle Head Crafted at Doty

This right angle head can be mounted on our horizontal boring mills and can be used to machine inside small bores and complete small internal keyways. It was fabricated and machined at Doty Machine Works by our skilled craftsmen. This process was completed internally saving Doty time and money so we’re better able to serve our customers.

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