Valve Station Block Via Doty’s Young Machinist

Pictured here is the main block for the valve station. It comes into the shop as a solid piece of steel. It is machined square then headed to a horizontal mill to drill bolt patterns and spot the through bore in the proper location. After spotting the through bore, it is spade drilled on the vertical drill press. After boring, it is then grooved internally roughly 1 inch deep per side, 5 times through the entire length of the bore which is roughly 22 inches long. In the second photo, the block still requires completion on the milling machine before it is sent back for the final boring operation. The internal grooves on this block are done completely through math. The skilled machinists at Doty’s with years of experience, get the job completed correctly and on time.

Doty 4-17-15 #1

 Doty 4-17-15 #4






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